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How will we design and build your web site?

First we meet

I will ask you what you have in mind. What is the site for? How many pages? Are you going to be selling things? Do you need a public calendar or schedule? Do you have colors, fonts, layouts you have in mind already, or do you want suggestions. Do you already have a logo or artwork? The purpose of this is to get an idea of what you want, and to let you know the kinds of things you will need to decide along the way. You may know what you want the site to do, but not how to organize that. That is part of what I will help you with.

We will also discuss web hosts. Perhaps you have a host already picked out. Perhaps you don't even know what a host is. The hosting plan you use defines the capabilities of your site. We will discuss the features that you will need from a host to produce the site you are looking for.

Then I will go away and work with what you have given me

I will build a mock-up, something that I think reflects what you want. I will attach that to my own web site and send you a link to it. The purpose of this is to make sure that what I am building is what you want. It will not have all the features, but it will allow you to see what it will look like, so you can decide if it has the look and feel you want. You may suggest some changes at this point, and we go though several iterations of this process.


When it looks like you want,

When the look and feel is what you are looking for we will talk about rules and contraints. If you are accepting addresses, do you only want US addresses, or will you accept international addresses? If you have registered site users, do you want email confirmation of registration before activating users?

Now that we know what you want, I can outline what I think you need. I will descibe to you how many pages I think are required, what each of them will be used for. This is when I will give you a price. This will include all of my work for giving you a live site. It will not include the cost of web hosting, unless you want me to arrange that for you.

You may want something a little different. We will discuss it, and if you want changes to the design it may alter the price. But you will know what it will cost you before we proceed and further.

I will go away again and build your site

I will build your site on my own system, and test it. When it is complete I will upload your site to my website to allow you to test it for yourself.

How long this process takes depends upon how complex the site you have asked for is. How many pages, whether there is a database, paypal interface, or dynamic content. .

When it is done

I will upload your new site to you own web site, make any minor changes related to your particular web host, and present you with the completed site. When your site is complete, and working, I will present you with my bill.

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