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Bruce Burnell, President

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Custom Web Sites

Does your company need a presence on the web?   We will design your site together, so that it meets your needs. Visit my sample sites to see some examples of what I can do for you.

While the Cobra Softball site is just something I put together for the softball team I play on, the Kelly Johnson Photography site was built to the specifications of the site owner. The other sites, also were designed, not for my tastes and preferences, but to meet the requirements of the site owner. I build the site you want, not the site I want to sell you.

Peoplesoft Support

I have been working with Peoplesoft HRMS since release 5.1.  I have designed and implemented customizations and bolt on systems using PeopleTools, SQR, COBOL, and Application Engine.  I have done the analysis necessary to apply upgrades, while maintaining previously installed customizations. 

SQR Programming

SQR is a powerful programming language used to access relational databases and produce reports in a variety of formats. In addition to reporting, it has file handling and update capabilities.

There are versions of SQR for windows-based systems, UNIX, and mainframes. The same source code can be used on all three platforms, making it an excellant platform-independent tool.  SQR is ideal for converting data from one platform to another.

Mainframe CA-IDMS

I have over twenty years experience designing and maintaining applications using CA-IDMS.

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